Strategically Elevating Optimization


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Clinton Cimring. I am the co-founder of Search Engine Partner. From December 2007-February 2009 I was the senior partner.

Previously, I’ve been everything from a business owner at the age of thirteen, to a US Marine, to the founder of one of the largest internet marketing firms in the world, GetUpdated, according to

Website optimization has been a hobby of mine since I can remember. Put it this way, I began optimizing websites on a Leading Edge 486 Desktop with 32MB of RAM, a CD-ROM drive, and Windows 3.1. I am asked all the time what SEO Optimization is. The term comes from the basic IT terminology, whereby optimization is the streamlining of some sort of system connected with computers. In this case, it’s about manipulating a website and a search engine’s algorithm so the site appears on the first page. SEO stands for strategically elevating optimization.

My claim to fame is not only bringing SEO to a company that was primarily concerned with optimizing IT, but restructuring and transforming their entire business. GetUpdated evolved from a combination of GetUpdated AB, a public mobile internet news company in Sweden and Eastpoint AB, a one-stop-shop business solutions firm, both traded on the Nordic stock exchange.

I came up with the idea of uniting the two companies under one roof founded on search engine marketing. If you think about why websites and, in turn, SEO, exist, they are here for one reason; marketing. No matter what kind of website a business may have, that site is either intended to brand a business, generate leads, or act as a point of sale. Why not brand a business under the umbrella of “GetUpdated?” Is your business still operating on 20th century, Web 1.0 principles? Well, Get Updated! The two companies united under the name, GetUpdated Internet Marketing. The idea was so successful that the two companies rejected the business solutions model altogether and focused on internet marketing entirely.

One three years after the consolidation, in 2009 GetUpdated posted gross sales of $37.45 million on the Nasdaq OMX and surpassed iProspect tenfold as the largest internet marketing firm in the world according to

After GetUpdated, I began negotiations with the California based social media optimization firm, SEO Treo. At the time I owned the website, which stood for Search Engine Partner. We decided that since I would be partnering with SEO Treo, we would rebrand the company as Search Engine Partner. In 2006 we decided to invest all of SEO Treo’s funds into the acquisition of the domain name In December 2007 Search Engine Partner was officially launched and the initial private stocks were offered in New York.

Much as I decided to restructure GetUpdated around search engine marketing, we decided to restructure Search Engine Partner around search engines as well and specifically my method of manipulating Google’s algorithms I called SEO 2.0. In order to secure a long lasting niche in the industry we decided to purchase my father’s internet marketing company, The International Cimring Group, Inc., which had previously gone out of business in 1999 and the first qualitative search engine, Rankdex.

ICG, Inc. was purchased in order to be able to officially brand Search Engine Partner’s services as SEO as I had used the term for the first time with ICG. While in high school, I also worked for the company Rankdex through an “OTJ” training class under the direction of Robin Li, the founder of Baidu. Robin Li actually developed the first qualitative algorithm, which was very similar to the algorithm Google’s founders released shortly thereafter. Rankdex’s algorithm was launched as in 2000. Acquiring the company gave Search Engine Partner a factual insight into Google’s algorithm, as Rankdex’s formulas had been protected since 1996.

The following year, in 2008, we had deciphered Google’s original Page Rank algorithm, as well as several other algorithms Google had subsequently purchased including the TrustLink and Hilltop algorithms. Following our ability to manipulate Google’s results we decided to be the first search engine marketing firm to offer a 100% guarantee on results. With the guarantee we were able to prove our resolve through one of our first clients, Fire & Ice. We ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword “diamond” and actually outranked websites like and, which should have rightfully ranked higher.

It’s important to also note that these results were achieved through what we in the industry call white hat methods, which Google’s algorithms have no way searching for. What the algorithm looks for is called a black hat method, which really no longer works at all once these unethical methods are detected. We accomplished this through the combined manipulation of the matrix inversion portion of Google’s Page Rank algorithm and the “Universal” search results Google had incorporated in 2007. As soon as Google learned of our results they unfortunately manually reduced in ranking to position 80.

Since 2008, Search Engine Partner has been credited with inventing services like SEO 2.0 and Reverse SEO as well as being credited as being an initial offeror of RSS, Social Media, Social Networking, Blogospheres, Trackbacks, etc. through SEO Treo prior to our partnership.

Most recently, in 2010, Search Engine Partner was credited with the trademark for the acronym SEO by the United States Patent and trademark Office (USPTO), and reached the 15,000 client mark. The company is currently valued at 100 million based on the projected earnings for 2011.

At the present time I have decided to shift my focus from search engine marketing to developing a better search engine. Between the companies I have founded and consulted for I have realized an inherent fault in the ability of people like me to manipulate the results that are returned in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Therefore, I am presently working with Robin Li of Baidu at redeveloping Rankdex to be a truly qualitative search engine that is Optimization Proof.